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  • Elijah Carimbocas

Common Google My Business Suspension Reasons

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

You open your email or get on your GMB profile to see why you haven’t been receiving calls or leads and see the message “Your Business Profile has been suspended”. You might have even already tried submitting multiple reinstatement requests to Google and not heard back or even worse, been stone-walled by Google support, with no way to seemingly move forward. We’ve helped dozens of businesses this year successfully reinstate their listings, sometimes within days. Many of which have been trying to get their listings unsuspended for months, or even longer, prior to our getting involved.

Thankfully, Google My Business outlines quality guidelines, and often it’s something simple that may have caused your GMB suspension. Other times, Google does make mistakes and profiles get suspended that shouldn’t. Recently, we’ve seen a surge in suspensions for simple things, like making changes to your business information but even then, following up with Google and the overall reinstatement process can be time consuming and frustrating.

These standards exist to both ensure that your business exists on an equal playing field in Google’s eyes, and that the information reflected to end users are accurate, and representative of your business’ real world attributes. This protects you as well and when your profile is properly set up and managed, it not only dramatically increases the amount of downtime you’ll experience in the future, if any, but also helps promote listing strength and maximize visibility. As part of our GMB consultation and unsuspension services, we review each listing with great scrutiny to help ensure that it’s set up to Google’s best practices and policies and make any relevant changes, before reaching out to Google support to escalate your suspension.

By exploring some of the ideas below, you can determine a few root causes, and get your listing on the path to a Google My Business unsuspension.

Your profile has been flagged for Suspicious Activity This notification for your suspended business, as ominous as it initially sounds, could be the result of recent changes to your profile. Make sure to review recent changes to your profile, and ensure that they are in line with the Google My Business quality guidelines.

Google’s algorithms may occasionally detect issues with your Google My Business profile, and at times, these issues may be a false positive, unfortunately causing a pesky suspension that you now have to deal with. Rest assured, we’re here to help.

Your profile has been flagged for quality issues The Google My Business team, either from a manual review, or through automation, may detect an issue with your profile.

Even though you may not have made any recent changes to your GMB listing, attributes that were added to your profile when you set it up or when you made changes down the line, can cause a suspension months or even years later. It’s important to periodically review Google’s quality guidelines and ensure that the information in your listing adheres to them.

Your Google My Business profile was marked as a duplicate We know how frustrating it is to think you’re in the clear after having successfully jumped through all of the hopes to verify a new listing and then to suddenly and out of the blue to receive an email from Google that your new listing has also been suspended and marked as “duplicate”.

As Google may not initially detect your listing through its algorithms, over time, unfortunately, it picked up your listing, and marked it as a duplicate of another, verified listing. This can happen for multiple reasons, such as you creating a duplicate listing or even by a competitor maliciously creating and/ or claiming a listing with your information in the attempt to get another of your listings suspended or to prevent you from successfully reinstate your listing. Luckily, as part of our GMB consult and reinstatement services, we search Google thoroughly to locate any of these pesky duplicate listings.

The above situations may seem confusing and difficult to navigate, especially if you’ve tried to appeal these requests to no avail but the team at Inferno PPC has a lot of experience with Google My Business suspensions and over a 97% success rate in just the last year. Contact us today for a solution to your Google My Business quality issues or if you need help getting your listing reinstated so you can go back to growing and bringing on new customers.

Warm regards,

Inferno PPC team


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